Saving You Time with Simple Dashboard Designs


Effective communication doesn’t have to be complicated.

To cut through all the noise and discover a compelling data story just takes a little extra effort, time and experience.

I have been helping clients of all sizes, literally around the world, craft engaging dashboards for nearly a decade now.

So let me help you leverage Tableau to make data driven decisions.


Samples of my public projects

Huge thanks to MakeoverMonday and WorkoutWednesday for inspiring most of my public work.


Have these thoughts crossed your mind lately?

  • I wish I had a Tableau dashboard that made it easier to answer my questions.

  • Tableau is fast and flexible, but my dashboard don’t look as good as I want.

  • Our data my get more attention, if our dashboard didn’t look like a mess.

  • Who can I work with to design a dashboard that isn’t a pain to use?

  • I want a good looking dashboard, but I don’t have the time.


My Services

Dashboard Development


Let me create an intuitive, interactive dashboard designed to answer your most pressing questions.

Data Discovery


Provide me with a sample of your data or access to the source itself so I can get in there to see what stories there are to tell or test hypothesis you haven’t bee able to do yourself.

Design & Prototyping


Data visualization doesn’t have to be dull. What could we learn about your business by looking at your data differently? Here I’ll push the limits of Tableau to paint a new picture.


Would you like to share your struggles? You can book time with me here.

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