Saving You Time with Simple Designs

Having designed dashboard for everyone from Fortune 500s to seed round start-up and nonprofits I have seen my fair share of successes and failures.

If you want: insights, to understand your business better, make smarter, data-driven decisions you can do this without complications.

The key to simple, effective designs is clarity on your objectives. Don’t waste your time and resources with distractions that don’t move the needle.

Whether you are transitioning to Tableau or simply want to get more from your investment me and a hand-picked group of other Tableau experts are ready to design dashboard making a difference.

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We spend a lot of our lives working. Don't dilute your time on pointless projects or people who lack passion.

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Huge thanks to @MakeoverMonday and @WorkoutWednesday. These are the best community projects Tableau users have to hone skills and connect with one another. Much of the work below comes from these projects.