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Dashboards Designed with Simplicity in Mind

I have spent years studying data visualization with the Tableau community as my guide. I get a kick out of learning how to leverage this tool from the context of consulting projects, freelance gigs, and side projects like Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday.

But what I enjoy most is teaching others how to get more from Tableau!

I have literally taught Tableau around the world and all it takes is putting some assumptions aside. Tableau isn't Excel and it will never work that way. Save yourself the frustration and learn how Tableau work under the hood.

To get you started off right, I created a short guide sharing the most important features those new to Tableau need to know.


We spend a lot of our lives working. Don't dilute your time on pointless projects or people who lack passion.

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Huge thanks to @MakeoverMonday and @WorkoutWednesday. These are the best community projects Tableau users have to hone skills and connect with one another. Much of the work below comes from these projects.