What Do You Provide?

In this post Seth Godin push students of freelance to ask themselves what it is they offer clients. Not the easy objectives delivered, but the deeper value added service that differentiates a few freelancers from the rest.

Who Are You?

Seth Godin, in a freelancing course taught to a unique group of student, he poses several challenging questions. In this blog post I run through my answers to those questions, because Seth said to and to serve as an example of one of the many ways you can go freelance.

Let's Make a Tableau Extension - P1

You have an idea for an extension or think you might, but you aren’t sure how to get started. You might not even know what Tableau Extensions are. Don’t worry, I wasn’t sure either. By the time you are through this post, you’ll have successfully created your first (local) Extension. This is a BIG DEAL! Inspiration WILL strike again and when it does you won’t need to start all over.

Don’t Learn Data Visualization Aimlessly

I can’t say my inbox is overflowing with people asking me how to learn data visualization, but it does happen from time to time. And when I do get the chance I am happy to recommend the Interaction Design Foundation. They won’t be for everyone, but keep reading to find out how I have benefited and what you might gain from their courses.

Why Are You Bursting My Bubbles?

MakeoverMonday was an especially special event this week as the digital gathered together at the Tableau Customer Conference for a live makeover in Vegas. As you can imagine this is an exciting opportunity to meet fellow #MakeoverMonday regulars and newbies in real life, but also a challenge yourself to create something presentable within an hour while Andy and Eva looking over your shoulder.

Storytelling With Data Redesign P3

There is so much I want to say about the value of makeovers, but that’s a topic for an entirely different post. It's my honest opinion that participating in exercises such as these the best way to learn short from having a great team to push you every day.