30 Days of JavaScript

This months #KnowledgeGaps project turned into more of a knowledge expansion than the usual knowledge deepening exercise. Don’t worry, I didn’t branch out to the art of tree bathing… yet. No, still getting after it with JavaScript, but took a slightly new approach to learning.

Having taken and enjoyed several courses from Wes Bos already, I figured why not let him lead the way into 2019. He has a particular teaching style I really enjoy. Who knows, maybe it just the emojis 💩but I feel like he has a knack for explaining technical topics a two-year old can grok.


Deepen that knowledge in the noggin and fill those #KnowledgeGaps.

Was the objective achieved?

Like I said earlier, not exactly... Rather than deepen my knowledge it was drastically expanded, which I’m going to classify as something very different. I’m not mad about it. This month I completed 30 days of JS. Zero shame in that.

We live on an island surrounded by a sea of ignorance. As our island of knowledge grows, so does the shore of our ignorance. ― John Archibald Wheeler

Helpful Resources






Hard Stuff

Wes nearly makes it too easy, so you get what you put in. That said, the hardest part might be staying present with every lesson, since finishing them simply means sticking with the program.

I’d encourage those up for the challenge not to rush it. There is WAY more time in the day to get every one of these done. You can even get ahead by doing a couple in a single day without much effort.

That said, there are countless ways of applying the examples to your work or for fun side projects. Try sitting with the knowledge Wes works hard impart.

Looking back now, one smart move I made was taking notes after each lesson. One day you’ll be reviewing this code. Don’t make it hard to remember what was goin on when you can quickly write a README for each day to bring you right up to speed.

Doesn’t matter how clean your code is, you’re going to be unsure of it just weeks from now.

I took note AFTER each lesson, but it wouldn’t hurt to pause the lessons and take notes at key points. By the time you finish some of these lessons you’re brain will be spent. Those were the hardest lessons for me to recap. We all know how hard it is to slack. If you can get the hardest part of the work out of the way before you’re it makes recapping that much more pleasurable.

Easy Stuff

The APIs we practically get for free with HTML5 + JS today are mind-blowing!

Here are a few I strongly suggest scoping out:

Work Gallery

GitHub Repository

Exposed Gaps

While I had a blast making a whack-a-mole game, talking to my computer and creating a pho-photo booth it’s time to apply this new knowledge.

Earlier this month I wrote Let’s Make an Extension - P1. I’ll be continuing that series in February with P2 and creating at least one new extension with the knowledge gains made thanks to the work Wes put into this great 30 Day JS challenge.

If you have any questions about this work or just want to say hey, please do.

That’s what these links below are for. 👇