Does this sound like you?

Your work is overwhelming in the worst possible way. Your tasks are arduous, but simple enough to be automated. You could be doing more interesting work is you had the time. You have worked with, seen, or heard of the fun people have when working with Tableau and you want in.

To you, the promise of Tableau is in expressing your creativity and demonstrating to other the value well designed dashboards could bring to your team and/or organization if they would just give you the chance.


The creation of this course is centered around your personal self-promotion through productive play.

This course is less of a course on how to create complex calculations with Tableau and more of one where you are taught to think more creatively and communicate effectively. Throughout the course you will learn how to use Tableau more effectively, but it’ll happen through continual practice.

Rather than working by yourself, you will be working with a group of other like minded, playful, practitioners looking to make the same gains.

As much as is possible, professionals from the data visualization community will hop online with us to answer questions so you can learn what a day in their life is like, how they got there and what you can do to continue walking in a productive direction.

A former LinkedIn employee specialized in making effective profiles will work with you to enhance your portfolio to make the most of the professional billboard that is LinkedIn.