What if your dashboard had sex appeal?

People might have a hard time taking their eyes off your data.


What do I know about attraction?

I started my data visualization journey on the business side of the house. I know, not the sexiest of starts. This bunch is rarely though of with the same sort of flare you would find in marketing.

Thankfully, Tableau caught my eye and proved valuable to enough people at the top for me to take this tool for a spin. Over years of trial and error + long study sessions I developed an affinity for Tableau. Go figure.

Making designs that mattered to people with important decisions to make proved valuable. My dashboards have earned me a seat at many tables and the visualizations, thoughtfully design, make an impact. I'd call that attractive.

An expert for teams in need

After years of work in corporate, I moved into the fast paced, constantly varied environment of Tableau consulting. Don't get me wrong, I loved my grey cube walls in the windowless work space, but the Bay Area tech scene was calling.

As a corporate employee I bemoaned consultants who came in messing up the scene with their new ideas and ears that seemed as though they couldn't hear.

So, I joined the ranks of system integrators with a point to prove! Surely I could provide more value than my hourly rate.

Ugh, well, yes and no.

I wasn't the right resource for every project. Data visualization, while valuable rests on the shoulders of several other stages of well executed work. Without those subsequent tasks carried out, your left throwing good at bad.

Seek first to understand

Those years of consulting have taught me more than anything else I believe can that it is vital for the success of your project to feel things out a bit before hot and heavy.

I don't need to know what you had for breakfast, but your expectations in terms of the potential value you see in Tableau and what you have been able to achieve to date would get us started off right.

No need to rush this relationship

All of our projects off with a short call. During this call we step through a short list of questions to guide our first date.

Better we spend time getting to know one another up front, rather than uncovering sharks swimming just beneath the surface. This series of quick questions helps us understand if can knock your socks off or leave you with feelings of remorse.

There's really no downside

I have talked hundreds of people through problems they are facing with Tableau. At the very least we get clarity on where to begin given the needs of the business.

If we find that you are going to be in better hands with another team, I would be more than happy to connect you so they can better help you get unstuck. If Viz Simply is exactly what you are looking for then we have already started the discovery process. Hell, we might even make enough progress during the call that you can solve your own problem. How good would that be?

If rolling the dice for any of the options above, let's hop on a quick call. 

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