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“Play Practice in Public”

The ultimate goal for me is happiness. We have to get weird and have fun in order to find our own true happiness. Unfortunately, I can’t garuntee I’ll be able to help you find it, but I can play with you.

This IS an intellectual process, but in order to get to the feels we have to work from the feels. James Victore’s goal is to get bigger and braver than himself everyday.

Stop drowning in drudgery and start splashing in the pool of potential as Tableau professional. Whether you are looking to stand out in your current role, land a new one or explore the possibilities a role as a Tableau professional is likely going to plump up your pockets while also turning your frown upside down. Tableau developers are much more fulfilled by bringing their data to life with the interactive dashboards they design. No longer are you limited to all that can be done with Excel. 

who this program is for

Frustrated freelancers or full-time professionals underwhelmed by their work looking to get hired for opportunities where they can leverage Tableau to create more compelling information products.

Individuals looking for a position in a business intelligence or business analyst position.

Those looking to improve their chances of landing a job working with Tableau.

  • Rushi Thakar - Currently working for a company as an analyst, but hating it. He knows a bit about Tableau, but not enough to stand out.

  • Jordan Alen - Currently a marketing analyst interested in reducing the overhead he faces in his role with Tableau. Besides that, he’d like to learn how he can leverage Tableau stand out in his current position.


Who this program is not for

Those looking to fill technical gaps. These gaps can be filled with many other programs and courses.